This has to be considered gluttony.

: I had four different breakfasts this morning.

: No you didn't. More like an early breakfast, regular breakfast, late breakfast, and early brunch.

: That is what obese people say to justify themselves...

: It's okay- it's healthier this way to eat often throughout the day. And everything you ate was healthy! Oh, except for the cupcake. And the chocolate frosting. Mm, and the sugar in the french toast... And the cinnamon, but it isn't bad for you--

: Let's go to the gym tonight.

: After Phil's BBQ?

: Oh, you're right.

: Hey. What should we eat for lunch?


  1. "All things I really like to do are either immoral, illegal or FATTENING."
    -Alexander Woolcott

  2. uhm those brownies look heavenly.